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"Conquer the galaxy. Do it not for yourself, but for the Emperor."


currently assign leaders: Commander & Supreme Inquisitor Desolator, BattleLord Ludvig

Leaders considered: none

Forces that has arrived at the fringe worlds:
2 Blood Angels Tactical Squads
1 Blood Angel Dreadnought

Imperial War Log:
Stardate: 031630,40000 - Lord Ludvig's first recruits arrived at the north imperial basecamp at the planet XVI-3. All troops currently under training. New reinforcements expected within two weeks. Inquisitor Desolators forces arrived at the same time. The two leaders has planned a shared training program, and the results will be posted later.
Troops currently under training: 2 seargents. 16 Space Marines. 2 Landspeeders. 3 Bikes.
The young brave recruits has brought a present in the form of 20 captured Dark Eldar soldiers. They will be used in the training as well as "moving targets". Things are looking promising. Long live the Emperor!